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Hello... my plan is to become either a marriage counseller or a CBT with relation specifically to addiction- primarily gambling. My plan of action is to get a Bsc Hons in Counselling and Psychotherapy.. followed by a masters Msc in Addictions and then a second Masters in CBT. Can anyone recommend an easier route or their own experience, as I don't want to apply for the wrong course or make mountains out of mole hills!! Thanks in advance for any advice
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I have personally chosen to study for a career in counselling through taking my level 2/3 in counselling and then my level 4 diploma in therapeutic counselling. That qualifies you to become a counsellor and you could then do a level 5 in CBT if you wished:
I've found this a good route as it is far cheaper (obviously if you can get student finance for each year this may not be an issue) and it is purely focussed on building counselling skills, both theoretical and via placement. You could potentially get a placement in an addiction agency or relationship counselling. Training in this route but via Relate may also appeal to you if you want to focus on relationship counselling.

Either route would probably take similar time frames so it depends whether you would want to go to university or a college really. You can find accredited courses on the CPCAB's website in the find a centre section.

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