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Does anyone have any tips to revise? (my mock is next week)
For biology and chemistry it's mainly just learning the cgp guide which isn't that bad, but physics always throws in weird application questions or longer questions which always catch me out.
I'm aiming for an 8/9.
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Hi there! For GCSEs (and A-Levels), practice can never be emphasised more! This involves doing as many questions from past papers, checking the mark schemes and understanding how the mark schemes have obtained such an answer! We are currently in the process of compiling a revision guide for Physics, and are compiling questions by topic, with their model answers! We have already compiled revision guides for GCSE Biology and Chemistry - check them out at:

I myself have attained A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Year 10 with near full UMS, and from my experience, trying as MANY questions as you can, and preparing model answers - along with memorising those model answers to be equipped with all different question types faced with in the exams is the optimal way to revise!

If you are interested in 1-1 tutoring with our specialist tutors for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics GCSE, we provide this online and in person from as little as £25 per hour!

In the meantime, here are some links that many students have found useful:
Revision Videos:
Physics and Maths Tutor Papers:

All the best!

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