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Track Offer is incorrect

My offer has come up on track, but the date of entry is incorrect.

I applied initially for deferred entry, but emailed to change this to immediate entry - a change which was acknowledged, both in email form and by the interviewers. My offer letter was an offer of 2008 entry.

However, my UCAS offer letter states date of entry as 2009. I would be devastated if this is true, but given that my Durham offer also states 2009 entry and I have had contact with them saying that my date of entry will be 2008, I'm pretty sure it's just a UCAS error.

I'm just looking for reassurance really-has the same happened to anyone else? Is it just a problem with UCAS (i.e. if you originally apply through UCAS for one year, they don't change it unless the university specifically asks them to change it-which they might not have done)?

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I'd phone up UCAS and your universities.
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i think it might be because you initially stated on ucas they were deferring. as long as the letter says 08 i wouldnt worry. wouldnt harm to give them a quick call anyway
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What can i say? That's Cambridge for you.....unreliable and wrong! : p
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Vladivostock it is then!
definately ring up
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Vladivostock it is then!

dont diss vladivostok m8, u never know - some1 on TSR might be from there...

ring up or email :smile:
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Nobody's 'dissin' Vladivostock. Its the fact its on the other side of the world.
if the cambridge letter said 08 then i wouldn't worry, UCAS probaly hasn't changed it on thier system yet and they do screw up a lot.
well i would phone cos i requested to defer my LSE offer and it was promptly updated on track.
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well i would phone cos i requested to defer my LSE offer and it was promptly updated on track.

Now, now. When you say UCAS were prompt, we know you're lying. :p:
If you've got in writing from cambridge that your entry is 2008, you have nothing to worry about.
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True, that. Whatever UCAS says, Cambridge will be happy to let you in this year, you won't arrive to locked gates! :p:
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Phone them up now and sort it out :smile:
Yep, and I can remember this happening to more than one person on here last year and it wasnt a problem at all :smile:
I'd get it changed ASAP otherwise the Sorting Hat won't let you in at matriculation.
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Who should I phone? UCAS or Cambridge?
Oh and I got the reassurance I was looking for, so thanks!
Although UCAS are the ones who can correct the mistake, I'd phone Cambridge first to inform them, and seek their advice on how to proceed.
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Yeah, I'd go for Cambridge first.
If it's not sorted, the dean will personally come out and beat you back out of the gates with his cane.

You have been warned!