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I need help with biology. I don't have a problem remembering for other subjects. When it comes to biology though, I put in a lot of effort and end up with a mediocre grade.
What other methods of learning can help me with biology?
And I plan on achieving an A* in my GCSEs this year. Any advice?
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Hi there! I hope you are well! I have attained A*s in Triple Science GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in Year 10, along with many of our specialist tutors who have attained As and A*s, and so the consensus with succeeding lies in practice! The questions are recycled every year, and asked in different ways. In order to be efficient and effective, you must go through all the past papers and mark schemes, and prepare model answers - along with memorising them - to ensure that you are fully prepared to answer whatever variation of questions they throw at you!

Also, check out our resources covering: FULL revision notes of Biology, Chemistry and Economics written by a tutor who attained nearly full UMS in these subjects (all A*s), past paper questions and model answers compiled by topic - we believe that making notes based on model answers, memorising and understanding them consolidates your knowledge, and confidence in answering various different question types given to you in the exam! That’s how our expert tutors have all attained As and A*s in their A Levels!


If you would like more support in your studies, feel free to contact us - do not hesitate to ask us questions! We provide 1-1 tutoring for A Level and GCSE Students, and A Levels covering: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and more, from as little as £25 per hour!

All the best!

Dhaval N - Medic Mind Tutor

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