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Bricks...and other construction materials

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Well the whole purpose of the club is to collect as many bricks as possible, not for the sake of collecting them-they don't have a strange brick fetish, but with the aim of slowly demolishing Keble. I would assume thus, that the bricks must come from the actual building to be valid.

Another thing, I just found this out - Keble's land and the buildings are owned by St. John's. Can't say I'm surprised:rolleyes:

I think I'd have noticed if bricks went walkabout out the walls :rolleyes: they'd have a tendency to fall down. Bricks don't just fall out of walls leaving a gaping big hole you know. The assumption then is that few if any bricks are actually "valid".

And yes, the fact Keble is built on John's land is the reason in part for the big rivalry between them.