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Crush laughed at me?

Yo gang, so basically i've had this crush on this girl for a long ass-time, still no guts to talk to her, but anyway here's the situation, 2 of her best friends know, 1 of them i talk to about it since she is the girlfriend of one of my best friends. Sooo this mornin i decided to go into there class (it's called form time, basically registration from 8:00-8:40) so i come in and her friends and my crush start laughing as soon as i skrrt into the room. Now i tend to overanalyze A heck ton of things so does this mean she thinks i'm a bit wierd? i mean 90% knows i like her and yehh i was being a retard of the winter holidays by trying to dm her, got completely aired, idk if she read it though but she usually only accepts dms/follows from people she knows well. anyway so what is the laughing a sign of?
They're probably laughing at your English dialect fam. :rofl3:
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They're probably laughing at your English dialect fam. :rofl3:

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soooooooooo any answers my dudes?
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No problem :biggrin:

Don't take the laughing too personally, girls do it a lot and it normally happens when a girl in the group likes someone present in the room so they'll be winding her up etc.
That's my guess.
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soooooooooo any answers my dudes?

i think we go to the same school