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Frenchay Campus, Bristol University of the West of England
University of the West of England, Bristol

best uwe accommodation?

think i may be going there in september! people who go there- where do you reckon is the best place to live? i'm thinking city centre...

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City centre is great but you have to travel in to uni everyday and you miss out on all the activities on campus, but the city is pretty lush. It depends who commited you are to going to lectures in my book.
Frenchay Campus, Bristol University of the West of England
University of the West of England, Bristol
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where are the best UWE halls?
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FOr what campus there are 4!
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i'm not a uwe student but this is what i have picked up from talking to my uwe friends and visiting the halls (so beware this is just my perception of what i;ve seen/heard):
*market gate - rave central. last year they had the police down pretty much every weekend trying to stop the partying. ok location, near train station and 10-15 min from broadmead, clubs & bars
*nelson house - also a mad house. much nearer clubs & bars. most people i met from here did arty degrees
*drake house - right next to nelson, very similar atmosphere
*transom - 5-10 mins from the centre, less partyish than nelson/drake/market gate
*frenchay - from all of what i've heard the people here are less up for a mad one. i guess a lot of the people who go here are into commerical/mainstream music and clubs like syndicate, oceana. if d&b, elelctro, house, dubstep, breakbeat, psytrance etc is more your style you;d be better off in nelson/drake/market gate. it's also quite far out from teh centre which causes travelling difficulties

i dont know anyhing about the other halls
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You cant generalise a whole block of flats of people who have been put there randomly :s-smilie:
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ive always wondered that, but it does seem to be the way it is every year. or the impression i get of it anyway. i know that at bristol uni certain halls get certain types of crowds every year. i think it's something to do with what stuff you put on your application form, the prices of the halls, and how each hall suits different types of students according to their locations.
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for The bristol centre campus i guess lol - and i mean what halls has what? Ensuite etc
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Thing is the UWE center accommodation, whilst quite good area wise, isnt actually that nice :s-smilie:
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oh er... i'm hopefully gonna get a better idea soon but i haven't heard anything from UWE at all yet. Gonna call them if i haven't had an acknowledgment of my application by weds this week
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If I HAD to go into halls then i'd choose Frenchay... They would steal my whole bank account.. but i'd still choose Frenchay.

However, I'd never personally choose to live in halls again. Most of the inhabitants of halls (in my experience) are about 18 years old, never been let off the leash from their parents and they just go crazy and run themselves into the ground. Not the most sensible people to be around if you're actually at university for the right reasons.
I'm applying for Favell, cause it's nearest bush house - haven't heard much about it though. Is it any good?
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Can anyone tell me anything about Tanners Court? Don't know much about this accommodation, undecided between here and the student village in Frenchay, I'll be a mature student coming to UWE in September, so any advice on which one would be better for me?
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what accomodation has most black/mixrace people?? no offense
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Im mixed race goin frenchay student vilage hopefully
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im going marketgate coz i heard its party central bwwwwwerrrk
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I'm hopefully going to marketgate or the rackhay! want to be in city centre :biggrin:
I'm hopefully going to marketgate or the rackhay! want to be in city centre :biggrin:

Same, don't like the sound of the student village and I like the idea of having an entire city pretty much on my doorstep.
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shotgun a room in marketgate!
Anyone know what The Hollies is like?

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