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can anyone possible help me with my eng a2 coursework?..i am comparing the features of formal and informal writing a letter and an email...i found loads of features on the email but i am really struggeling with the formal letter!
could anyone suggest features that i may find in formal language?
i already have polysyllabic lexis and jagon!
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I'm a bit stuck on mine too. The main thing I'm stuck on is the title. I've done most of my research and collected all the data I just don't know what my title should be for my overall project.

I looked at three modern soap operas, specifically looking at the gay character within each soap. I wanted to see if the scriptwriter had used any techniques within each characters speech to show that they are a gay character. Then I carried out a questionnaire looking at people's viewpoints on how they think gay people speak, if they use complex words and what the main topics of conversation are.

At the moment I'm quite stuck on getting it tied down with a title as well as finding a good study. I was told not to look at Lakoff's research as it is out of date, I've looked at Tannen's report and rapport talk between men and women but I don't think it's strong enough research.

Any advice would be really useful.

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