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If a contract for a house is fixed for a certain amount of time (say 12 months), I assume that means that you have to pay the rent for the full 12 months? Surely not many students are going to spend the full 12 months of a year living in their house? The contract for one of the houses I'm looking at presently starts this August and ends next August but I doubt I'll be spending this August in the house or next July and August. It seems to be a bit of a waste having to pay the money for the whole year but it's difficult finding houses that have flexible contracts (or at least in my case it is).
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If you sign a contract agreeing that you'll rent a property for a fixed period, then you pay for that fixed period, regardless of whether you're in the house or not. It's how private rentals work, initially you sign a fixed term AST so that both you and the landlord have a degree of security. Don't sign a tenancy agreement if you're thinking that you'll 'get out' of the terms easily - you won't. You might be lucky and find a 'student' landlord who will let you rent just until the end of the academic year, although it's unlikely. If you;re staying in a property for a second year, some landlords will charge a bit less for the summer, it's always worth asking.

If you really resent paying for the full year, then you're probably best looking at halls or university owned accommodation. Look at it from the LL's point of view, they're not going to make much of a profit if the students decide they're not paying for holidays, and it's not sensible to have long voids between rental periods. Also, what if you need to retake, or you want to spend time at uni writing your dissertation during the summer? Or, what if you want to rent the house for a second year? You can't expect the landlord not to charge you when he/she won't be able to rent the property out again just for the summer, because you want to come back in the autumn ...

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