I need advice. Should I drop out of uni and re-apply

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Hi, I am currently in my first year of uni studying history. Before coming to uni, I was confident that I was ready, had my heart set on where I wanted to go (where I am now) and what I wanted to do in terms of course etc. I was so excited.

I think as a lot of people do, I had a tricky first few weeks -I absolutely hated it, but I think that was just the result of me adapting to such a big change.

Now, I don't feel as miserable as I did in my first few weeks, but I still am really struggling to enjoy uni.

I enjoy most of my course, although I do find it quite hard and I also have to put up with an optional module which is not related to my subject which I don't enjoy at all, but I guess its only for first year. Despite enjoying my subject, I really am struggling to find motivation to do the work. At A Level, despite finding it tough, I still somehow found motivation to revise and complete work, whereas here at Uni I can't find any at all, its so unlike me, which is weird.

In terms of the social side, I do like my flat, although we are all quite different so aren't the best of friends, but we still get on and have a bit of fun. I don't have any real friends however. I feel quite lonely and lost. I am living with a few other girls next year from other flats in my accommodation, however the situation is really forced as I don't know them at all (they already know each other and were looking for 2 other people to live with to make up a decent sized house for second year, so myself and another girl in my flat decided to join because we didn't have anyone to live with)and to be honest from the little time I've spent with them, I'm not sure if I will get on with them...we just don't click as friends should and if I don't get on with them and am living with them for a whole year in my second year, it may make me even more miserable. I have struggled a lot as I have a close group of friends at home and I was hoping I would find the same at uni, which I haven't. I know I shouldn't compare my situation to others but I see all my other friends at uni having a great time and they've have all made really good friends, which kind of makes me feel worse. I enjoy going out too but sometimes I can't find motivation to go out because I feel so miserable. I've tried some sports societies to make new friends, but didn't click with anyone there either so ended up giving up on those.

Whilst my situation is not awful, it just not making me happy in the slightest. I spend most of my time miserable and upset and wondering what it would be like elsewhere - if I just had a fresh start where maybe I would find friends and perhaps find motivation to actually do some work and enjoy my degree. Part of me just feels like the uni isn't for me, I'm not really sure.

I'm looking for some advice really - I have applied through UCAs to other unis for sep 2018 start incase I do decide to leave, but I do run the risk of ending up in the same miserable state I am now, as well as feeling as though I have just wasted the past 4/5 months of work at uni, as well as time. I have been doing well in my coursework, although I was stupid and missed one deadline by a few hours and ended up getting 0 on an essay worth 20% of a module, which made me feel even more miserable considering I had actually done the essay in advance.

Any thoughts on what I should do? I'm really torn between thinking 'maybe it will get better' and 'I need a new start'. Thanks in advance.
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(Original post by messy99)

I'm really sorry you're feeling like this. Uni is a big change for everyone and it takes some getting used to. The first year is usually to bring everyone up to speed and uni in general prepares you for life where you don't get on with everyone and will have to do things you don't enjoy. Have you joined any clubs or societies? That is where you may find like minded people as they will share common interests. The friends I made at uni were through my course and through two societies I joined. Going elsewhere doesn't guarantee you a fresh start as you say so at least wait till the end of your first year and leave with credits if you must.

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