Post GCSEs/Pre-A-Level Work Experience in the Summer - Ideas?

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So i figured as there's an extra long summer and i'll have nothing better to do, that i should take on some summer work experience - but unsure as to what i'd like to do exactly! I already completed 2 weeks work experience at a games studio in Cambridge, which was great and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to eventually go on to university to complete a degree in Computer Science, probably specialising in cyber security - i'm just slightly concerned that doing another lot of work experience at a games studio would maybe look a bit childish, although it did help with my computer science skills (e.g I gained experience in test plans)

If anyone has any suggestions regarding where i could go to, it would be very appreciated. I live in the East Of England, so please don't suggest anywhere particuarly far away - I would be willing to travel however, as i know places like London or Cambridge (or even Ipswich's Adastral Park) would have lots of opportunities.

I'm predicted an 8 in computer science and mostly 6/7s in my other subjects (with one 5 and one 8), hopefully this will change after the next set of predicted grades come out as i believe i will have improved. Hopefully this would give me a better chance, as i've also competed in international robotics competitions etc.

Many thanks in advance.

[TLDR]: Need help in finding work experience that would look good for a high ranking university such as Cambridge or York. Wanting to study Computer Science (BSc/BEng) possibly with cyber security.
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I don’t know about work experience but there’s a thing called NCS which looks so good on a CV. I didn’t do it because I have anxiety about staying away but you pay £50 (it’s a lot lot more when you turn 18 so) and you do lots of fun activities and then do a presentation or something. Just something to look into😊

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