SAAS and ELQ rules for second degrees (even if you don't have an undergrad)

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Hi everyone. I would like to teach. Either English or Drama.

I have a masters in acting, which I self funded.

I don't have an undergrad. I've never had any funding.

I can't do a PGCE/ PGDE without an undergrad.

I can't get funding for an undergrad because of the ELQ rule. ELQ fees in England mean I can't get another masters which would enable me to teach FE/ private schools. I'm not sure I can get funding for another masters in Scotland because of the same rule, though I read somewhere that I could as I've never had any funding before and ELQ fees don't exist in Scotland. And is this true of undergrads in Scotland? Is this true remotely? I am a Scottish resident. If not does anyone know what funding rules are with undergrad at OU? I feel like I've tried every avenue possible and at 47 I'm a wee bit tired of it...
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ELQ is such a terrible and prohibitive policy - What's just as bad is that most universities are really unclear on their websites when it comes to confirming a) whether they charge ELQ fees and b) what those ELQ fees actually are (including the OU - might be worth contacting them directly to see if you can get an answer out of them?)

You may well have already done so, but just to check - it might be worth contacting some individual universities who offer the PGCE/PGDE and asking directly whether you would qualify given that you do have a masters, as sometimes they can be flexible with their requirements...not sure if it would work or if you've already tried it and it hasn't worked, but worth a shot maybe (?) and nothing to lose if they say no


Have a look at Huddersfield uni:
They say "Entry requirements for this course are normally [among other things] An Honours degree (2:2 or above)", but go on to specify: "These are the usual entry requirements; however if you have older or different qualifications don’t be deterred from applying as we welcome people from different backgrounds."

Edinburgh are saying on their PGDE primary entry requirements that applicants need a university degree and imply they're talking about (and would favour) a BA but don't explicitly rule out people with a masters degree but no undergrad - might be worth emailing to check

Also I don't know if it's worth looking into routes into teaching without a PGCE/PGDE, if that's an option at all? or I really don't know how viable this is though; you'd need to talk to someone much more in-the-know than me.
I doubt you'd be so successful going down this route as an aspiring English teacher, but drama could be more possible - I don't know if there's a similar policy for drama teachers, but you don't need a PGCE to be a peripatetic music teacher - is there an option of starting to teach by offering drama classes in various schools without necessarily being full time qualified staff (at least initially)?

Not sure if this is your thing at all, but have you looked into teaching abroad (if you're willing to relocate which you may well not be able to/want to do) - and does this require a PGCE? Could you/would you consider teaching English abroad with a TEFL qualification?

Also in case you haven't seen this 2012 student room thread it could be relevant to you -

Sorry if you've already looked down all these routes - you'll definitely know a lot more about this than me :/ and good luck!
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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.

Unfortunately you have to have an undergrad to do any PGCE/ PGDE - I spoke to Edinburgh about it and they said even if they wanted me to do the course their hands were tied - it's law.

I am already enrolled on a TEFL course, so that should at least give me some first hand experience teaching, and I'm already assisting in Spain which is great.

I spoke to SAAS yesterday and it seems that a course in Scotland is my best bet. If I want to do an undergrad, the fees are usually under 2k a year, which I may be able to raise, and I would get student finance for living costs (just not the cost of the course). Unfortunately most undergrads are 4 years long in Scotland, so I may have to see if my masters could at least give me year 2 entry.

If I wanted to do another masters SAAS pay fees up to 5.5k and give a one off loan for living expenses of 4.5k. There are no ELQ fees in Scotland, so that may be doable. Unfortunately the course I want to do in England goes up from around £7000 to nearly 16k with ELQ fees! So 5.5k wouldn't even make a dent.

Anyway I do feel I have some options now, but all this has meant I've missed the deadline if I want to the undergrad route. Might have to take another year to work everything out...

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