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I am nearly halfway through my first year of A Levels at my school's sixth form. I am a heavy sufferer of anxiety and my sixth form is one of the reasons it has manifested into something that is ruining my life. I want to go to my local college instead and re-do my first year of sixth form. This means I can do A-Level subjects I actually enjoy and I feel because it is somewhere new and different, it may help the monotony and depression sixth form has caused me. My question is has anyone retaken Y12 and if do you think it was a good idea. I have no idea what I want to do when I am older but my passion is film (one of the reasons I want to do A Level Film Studies at college). However, if I were to retake Y12, what would I do from now to September? I know I must be in some sort of education but I really dont want to spend any longer at my sixth form as it is affecting me mentally, socially, and physically
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I didn't retake year 12 but I know people who did and it completely changed their outlook and got them to where they want to be! If your sixth form is making you feel worse then there is absolutely no point in staying an extra year is nothing and it won't hinder you either. I'd advise speaking to someone at your sixth form and hopefully they can point you in the right direction and support you in the best way.

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