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Portsmouth Alternative/Indie Scene

What good indie nights and places do you know of in Portsmouth?
I know only the Registry and Route, which are both a little dingy and seem to play a bit too much hair metal for my liking.
I need to find someone to go to gigs with. I missed some really good bands like Foals and The National playing here last year because i don't know anyone who has the same music taste as myself.

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Waster on an Wednesday at Envy is brilliant. I recommend it.

You know of Route on Mondays.
On Tuesday - I don't quite know.
Wednesday - Waster at Envy
Thursday - Connections at Scandals (also a bit dingy but tolerable)
Friday - I can't remember...yeah, Subversion at The Lounge (EQ), downstairs is metal stuff, upstairs is softer sounds like indie and that.
Saturday - Chaos at South Parade Pier - quite dingy and I think it might be slightly "metal" as well but I went there on a "special" night so I don't know. I enjoyed it though.

As for gig buddies...I have quite **** taste but if there's anything I'm into that you're into and they're playing, I don't mind coming along. I went to see a band in the first 2 weeks of coming here and I had already bought a ticket from home. I knocked on almost every flat in my halls and asked if anyone wanted to come with me. Some people already had a ticket and some didn't, which we managed to buy on the door. You've just gotta ask around. Glad I did or else I wouldn't have found anyone to go with!
Group Work, University of Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth
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I work in the Wedgewood Rooms. <--- this is invaluable, it may look like a lot of people are into metal but it's the hub of the music community and if you come on there with some tact, you'll be welcome anywhere.

as ananannananananananBATMAN BATMAN BATMAAAAAN said... those are the club nights out.

also, apparently, foals weren't up to their usual standard recently... I was away playing a gig that day in my band Cut The Blue Wire who are Pompey bound, you can find us on myspace (shameless plug ahoy!)

but yeah, chuck me a message if you ever want to know anything, I don't know it all but it's kind of what I do above and beyond uni.
Hahaha, shameless plug.

I saw you guys play at Waster.

Is there a night on at Wedgewood Rooms then?
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Club nights?
There's never a specific club night for alternative although our dance nights aren't exactly bad.

i just meant for gigs...
although very soon there will be more in the way of alternative clubs at the wedge - you'll have to wait and see though.
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If you want to find people with the same music taste as you, use </shameless plug>
hahaha, i'd forgotten about this thread.

it's funny cos me and the OP are mates now after this thread! i'm actually seeing him on wednesday for a maccabees gig.
If you want to find people with the same music taste as you, use </shameless plug>

Not everyone in Portsmouth is on it?..ive introduced like 10 people to Last.Fm...I think more should be done to promote it :/
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problem is, all the students will probably be registered at their home town not their uni town.
There's loads of bands I wanna see playing at the Wedgewood rooms...unfortunately, I'm not gonna be there til September :frown: Haha.
Wedgewood Rooms is pretty good!..but kinda small..
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Not everyone in Portsmouth is on it?..ive introduced like 10 people to Last.Fm...I think more should be done to promote it :/

Heh, we're working on it.
that's a good thing! big bands in small places!

edit: about the wedge.
You think?
I love the atmosphere, defo recommend it!

edit: about the wedge..
The wedge is just your standard mid-size venue, guildhall is for big, eastney cellars is for small...that's how it works.

The wedge is nice though, our staff are good :wink:
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It's all about Waster on Wednesday (soon to be Thursday) nights. It's got some class alternative DJs mixing indie/rock/alternative/electro/dance/rave music. Great venue as well (Envy - above Liquid).

Other options are Monday nights at Route 66, which are no way near as good in my opinion, but attract a strong indie following from students all over. A new night is launching this Friday called "Kiss my Bass"... sounds promising.

Otherwise, there are alternative bars such as the Deco and the Honest Politician on Elm Grove. Full of students and fun times. A whole load of indie shops as well - you'll love the "One Legged Jocky" on Commercial Road and on Albert Road for their retro outfits.

I think most universities are the same in terms of having a strong indie crowd, but Portsmouth is one of the best at catering for us :redface:)
Tell me more about Kiss My Bass!

Also, Waster is moving to Thursdays? Why? If it's cos of the competition from the SU, that's understandable. But...but...but what if I want to go to Scandals?
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Kiss My Bass:

The Waster thing is odd. Will sent a message around Facebook a couple of weeks ago saying that it was being closed down by Liquid. A feeling of shock and anger filled my spirit. A few hours later, he said that the night would be changed to Thursday - I'm guessing that Liquid want to start competing with the Union with mainstream music.

Best part is... £1.30 drinks on Thursdays rather than £1.55 :redface:D
I think because Wednesday is quite a big day for people going out, it's in the Luminaire groups best interests to run one of their biggest clubs as opposed to the "sub-club" that is envy, I'm glad it's moving to Thursday.

I do understand your point about Scandals, but Scandals is horrid!

Waster is good fun to play, although you can't really connect with the audience as you're 10 ft above them!
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Which band are you in? Say 'Hold Fast', and I will actually stalk you...