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Piccadilly Point

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Reply 20
it takes 10 minutes to get to all saints capus theres a short cut underneath the mancunian way.
Reply 21
Woo just got my papers :smile:

I'm in Block A, Flat 71 :smile: See you in Sept :biggrin:
Reply 22
Me too i'm in Flat 143 in A
Reply 23
Anyone in flat 145?
Reply 24
Got my tenancy agreement back yesterday. I'm going in Block B, flat 154. My bro is gonna be in flat 87 in block B. Anyone else in either of these? Both of us are 1st years!
Reply 25
Anyone know if PP has summer vacancies (July and August)? I've e-mailed them as well but I guess I'm just impatient.
Reply 26
Haven't you had a form in the post about the summer lets? I did but its a while ago now
Reply 27
Is anyone else on the 5th floor in block A? Can't wait to move in!!
Reply 28
Anyone moving into piccadilly point this september? (2009)
Got all my contracts sent off and deposit paid, cant wait!
Reply 29
Been in it a few times, its new, but it looks just like any other halls of residence. Doesn't justify the price.
Reply 30
What about New Medlock House

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