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Hi everyone,
My class is beginning to write the first section of our history IAs and my teacher said that it will be okay to revise our questions. I have to write this first section in 2 days, but I am having doubts whether or not my research question is appropriate or not. Here is my question: "Was it inevitable for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to occur?" I feel like the question is not specific enough and based on my research, there are so many theories that my IA could end up all over the place. I was thinking about changing it but with a topic similar to my original one, like this: "To what extent did the Soviet Union's declaration of war against Japan during World War II affect their surrender in 1945?" Could I still use my first question or should I try to revise it? If so, what are some ideas for topics? Thank you so much!
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I would avoid pursuing the first question in it's current form. Using the word inevitable makes it messy and doesn't jive well with the highly analytical kind of history essays the IB likes. If you wanted to go along similar lines, I would rephrase it in terms of necessity rather than inevitability. Some things to look into would be the supply situation in Japan at the time of the bombings (they were starving and cut off), the opinions of top US admirals (they were informed very late in the process and were almost unanimously opposed to the bombings), the kind of American casualties that might have been incurred if an invasion of the home islands had gone ahead, etc. Also look at it from the perspective of the Cold War and the message that some historians argue was being sent to the Soviets by the bombings. You could also narrow the field of the question into whether it was necessary to bomb both cities, considering how little time the Japanese were given to respond in between. The second question is technically fine but I think it's less interesting personally.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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