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Im 25 years old and have always been looking at going to University

However, i finished sixth form a few years ago and didnt get enough UCAS points to get into University. Instead of going back to sixth form for another year i decided to look for a job instead, which is a decision i regret (and i knew i would regret at the time. The problem is i suffer from social anxiety and depression which basically stopped me from going back for another year)

I'm now pushing myself to get back on track to go to University and have just quit my job (for a number of reasons). I am now looking at college courses or access to higher education

Like i said, I've already been to sixth form and have some UCAS points (need to check how many). If i do a college course will those points still be accepted and added on to what i get in that course? Or are they now expired/useless?

Also, how exactly do I check my UCAS points? I havent done anything wiht them since i left college. Will my application still be available so can i just log in and check my points or will i need to do something else to find out how many i have?
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Have a look through this sticky

Particularly this bit in the opening post

'Wiki Articles that might be of interest',

where there is a link to the UCAS tariff calculator. (You will find that the points awarded to each qualification / grade have changed since you left school).
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They don't expire. But doing several subjects at the same time is harder than doing the same subjects but spread out one at a time, and getting a million D grades is not the same as getting an A.

You will probably find that you will be expected to achieve the same grades in the new course as other applicants. If your old grades are considered, this will lower the requirements slightly. You cannot expect to be accepted with lower grades just because you have twice as many subjects.

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