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    as a year 11 student today i study science every single day and i’ve never gotten a grade better than a U yet i’m still being forced to do all three sciences on a higher paper just because i’m good at english and maths....
    honestly i find this to be the biggest waste of time for me and many people in my school in the same position since i never had a science teacher throughout year 7-9 then half of 10 so how am i suddenly supposed to know the whole syllabus in such a short amount of time when there are 3 required separate sciences on top of many many other subjects.
    i can say in all honesty i’ve never leant anything past primary school in science that has any application to my real life. of course i understand if you want to go down the science subject route but it should be accepted that it’s not for everyone.

    english literature is honestly the most ridiculous subject ever... ok so we are expected to remember quote, analysis, techniques, context and full storyline detail from 15 poems, a really old book, a Shakespeare play and another play CLOSED BOOK! i’m sorry but when will scrooge being a moody arse ever be relevant to actual reality? why do the government insist that all the 15/16 year olds in the country know all of this unnecessary information when we could be learning something of much more value?
    also for people that have struggles with english should be able to do some sort of foundation paper, why is that not an option?

    i’m going to get a little into maths while i’m here too... complex maths is the most unnecessary thing. i am capable of doing the higher paper but i asked to move to foundation purely because i don’t want to know all of that unnecessary information when i could use that space to memorise stuff from other subjects.

    also religion is easy but wHY

    i really think compulsory gcses should be:

    • english language
    • foundation maths
    • some sort of life skills lessons (not graded)

    obviously learn the rest until year 10 but after that you know what you like and don’t like
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    Hi If you are willing to teach, you need to demonstrate the following

    1. A standard equivalent to a GCSE grade C / grade 4 in maths and English to teach at secondary level.
    2 A standard equivalent to a GCSE grade C / grade 4 in maths, English and a science subjects to teach at primary level.

    Should English Lit & Science be compulsory at GCSE?

    Of course Yes the compulsory subjects are as follows

    • 1. English (English Literature and English Language or a single English GCSE)
    • 2. Maths.
    • 3. Science (Core Science, Double Science or Triple Science).

    I think everyone should take Maths, English Language, English Literature, a science, a language and a humanity at the very least. It keeps your options open for A-Level and, ultimately, for university.

    I haven’t read your rambling but to answer your thread title:
    Yes. The 3 core subjects are basics and are tested at a standard level.
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    No they shouldn't be.


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