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I am 17 from Ireland, I am in my first year of A-levels studying B-Tec sport(Equivalent to 3 A levels) and politics. In the future I am interested in becoming a football coach and finding employment abroad. My current plan was to finish A-levels, get into a physical education degree and become a PE teacher whilst I do my coaching badges in university and then have a teaching job as a back up option to coaching.

I am also interested in barbering and it's very frustrating not having much money still in school, I do not feel I could manage a job until the summer with my current work load. Do you think it would be a good idea to pursue my current path or should I train to become a barber which would pay well and in the end I would get a job out of it, this would give me more time to focus on studying football and my coaching badges whilst also giving me the financial means to pay for them and if I should change? How would I go about explaining to my father I want to leave school who has high expectations for me to go to university etc. Any help or advice would be appreciated, cheers.

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