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I'm 18, next week I start college to do English and maths functional skills then maybe an apprenticeship, I want to too into animal care but I'm worried about money, this college is 3 and a half days a week so I won't really be able to get a job unless I give up any chance of a social life or going out on a weekend, I need to do driving lessons and be able to buy a car though and I don't think I'll be able to do that and money causes me anxiety, what do I do? I have a very negative image of where my life is going like ending up in a minimum wage job I hate for the rest of my life kind of thing as I have no luck, I can't be on minimum wage running a car, I can't keep affording bus money either it's getting expensive especially when I don't have a job, I am so sick of life, all this mess due to the fact that I failed GCSEs really badly getting U grades because of severe anxiety and depression, it wasn't even my fault.

It has always been one thing after another, I hate my life not life altogether, I'm around so many people with luck and happiness, doing well for themselves then there's me, failing at everything and probably will never get a dream job, what do I do? I try to be positive and it lasts for about a day before I fall back into this negativity.
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Have you seen a doctor about your depression and anxiety? That might be a good first step.

As for money, are you renting somewhere? You could apply for housing benefit. You could also look into other benefits - I don't know exactly how they work I'm afraid but severe depression and anxiety is counted as a disability if it last long enough so you may qualify, that would certainly take some of the financial pressure off.

If you have severe anxiety are you sure you could drive a car? When I was a teenager I tried to learn but my anxiety always got the better of me. You may qualify for a bus pass if your anxiety is too bad for you to drive.

Just a few ideas. I hope you feel better soon!

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