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I need some help on deciding my final piece. The theme is detail and I have done a lot of prep work on detail in architecture and in fashion and in the human face. Any ideas?
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Masks, either imagery or production of, may be somehow of interest. They're relevant to the face and fashion aspects fairly obviously and you could certainly explore more geometric and/or "architectural" creations.

This could be spun further in various ways, such as considering facial recognition, usage of masks or similar to block or prevent it, and/or considering how computers break down the elements of the face (e.g. into those little finite element triangles) and look at things from this analytic viewpoint, considering the smallest elements as visualised computationally of a face and how these can or can't be rebuilt otherwise, comparing perhaps with architectural CAD renditions and looking more at the similar approaches between the two.

Alternately you could consider ornamentation of buildings with sculptures and otherwise, and if you wished specifically considering faces and/or scultural renditions of cloth in this ornamentation - gargoyles, the green man face, ancient greek and roman sculpture in architecture/buildings (e.g. the Pathenon marbles) and religious architecture come to mind in this respect (technically the examples given would all be examples of religious sculture/architectural ornamentation, but obviously the green man is pagan and the gargoyles aren't so much in the "sacred" theme as you might consider of e.g. interior carvings of the virgin mary etc in walls etc).

More generally you could consider ideas about identity - people tend to consider their faces pretty core to their identity, and in the contemporary era fashion choices are often considered to be demonstration of personal identity. Architecture tends to reflect this however, and the places and spaces people grow up in shape their identity rather than take on the individuals identity from them (with the exception of the architect). However interior architecture/design again is, like fashion/clothing choices, often seen as an avenue of self expression.

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