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Hi all! This is my first time posting a proper question thread so apologies if it's a bit all over the place.

Basically, I was thrown into GCSE at the deep end. My teachers don't seem interested in actually making sure we nail down the basics, instead they are focusing on stuff that it too complicated and high level for a group that are doing the foundation paper (for example, extremely complicated quadratic equations.) I would be find doing this if the teacher actually made sure we knew the basics things first, but he doesn't. Anyway, cut a long story short, I want to nail down a few things that I should know, but keep messing up on.

Anyway, I want to know if there's a clear way to remember/know if a number will be a positive or negative if there are both negative and positive numbers in the equation.

So what will:

A positive-negative be
A positive+negative be
A positive/negative be
A positive x negative be

And what if there are multiple negatives and positives in the equation?

I'm sorry to ask but it's something I have always really struggled to get my head around.

Many thanks
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Positive x negative = negative (e.g. 3x-2= you have 3 lots of -2 so -2+-2+-2 = -6)
Negative x negative = positive (e.g. -3x-3=9)
Positive x positive = positive

Positive / negative = negative (as negative x negative = positive)

For addition/subtraction; it depends on the numbers. E.g. 10+-7 = 3 (positive) but 5+-10 = -5 for instance.

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