Are my mock grades good?

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I go to a grammar school and these were my mock grades
Maths 6
English 6
Bio 6
Chem 6
Phys 6
Rs 4
History 4
Geography 6
German 5

Do you guys think these grades are good? I’m quite disappointed with them. Does anyone know how I can improve. English is my worst subject so any advice for that would be helpful

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Those results are really good! I did my GCSE's last year, and my mocks were awful. I got B's/C's in pretty much everything and I think I got a 3 or a 4 in maths, but came out with 2A*'s, 8 A's and a B (including an 8 in maths). The teachers don't know exactly what the grade boundaries will be like, and because (apart from english and maths) it's the first year of numbers instead of letters, the grade boundaries are likely to be lower. However, your teachers (probably) will have brought up the grade boundaries just in case. (or thats what they did at our school, anyway).

For english, I was rubbish at english as well so I'm not sure if my advice would be any good (although you got a 6, which is really good!). It's hard to revise Language other than past papers and practise questions and making sure you remember the timings for both papers. My best friend got a 9, and for literature she made character profiles for each main character of each book including the themes linked to the character, why they were significant, key quotes, etc etc, then made a page for each theme with quotes, context, and the other stuff you need to know for an essay. For the poems, I cant remember what she did but I made mindmaps of each poem with their themes, key quotes, other poems you'd link them to and context.

Hope this helps!

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