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Hi guys,

I’m studying AQA A-Level history and my exams are on:

Tsarist and Communist Russia (1855-1964)
The Making of Modern Britain (1951-2007)

I’ve done my coursework and it’s fine but I can’t seem to handle the amount of information I need to retain for the breadth study (Russia) in particular

Timelines seem to help but they only help with showing change over time and not specific info

I’ve got my mocks in a week and I’ve found it so hard to revise properly because there’s literally just so much

I don’t understand the economy at all and fail on those types of questions. I can do social change and some degree of opposition, but I missed the lesson we did Stalin’s purges and my teacher said that there’s a good possibility that it will come up on the mock

I sort of get the grasp of how Russia was governed and I can do ideologies quite easily but it’s mainly the economy (for all leaders) and opposition (from Lenin to Stalin) that I really struggle with.

We don’t have a modern Britain mock so I don’t need to worry about that, but I can do that better than Russia anyway across all areas
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Okay, I also study AQA Russia but a different time frame - 1917-53. Here are my tips to revise:
  1. Get the revision guide, it has everything you need to know and it's split into themes and time. It's really useful, especially if you have missed a lesson.
  2. Make revision cards. I'd recommend doing this after your mock, because you won't have time now. It's taken me 200 revision cards to get through the entire course but it's honestly so useful, especially if you put questions on the back. By splitting it into such small sections, it basically forces you to learn all the specific information.
  3. Make your own revision guide. Split it into themes with like a comparison of each leader and what they've done.
  4. Those timelines will be useful because an overview of knowledge is probably the most important thing. You can always annotate each event in your timeline with 1 or 2 pieces of specific info or statistics to remember.
  5. Practice essays. Write your own or get your teacher to and write essay plans, try and cover the whole time.

I did a mock on this about 3 weeks ago and got a high A, so these techniques definitely work!

Good Luck X

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