Sick of been treated like a dogsbody and thrown under the bus by employer

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I am 27 years of age, and for the last 12 years of my life I have been employed twice by two different companies/organisations.

The first, I worked in a guesthouse, run as a limited company but associated with a well-known national charitable trust, which also has links to government research on the NLW and sets the guidelines for minimum wage.

Working for this employer, I experienced what it was like working under a sociopathic boss, whom basically wormed her way to the top, and pushed my former boss out on sick leave, he was suicidal, and his marriage broke down as a result.

He had to relocate away from his [now] ex-wife and kids, and from what I hear is slowly rebuilding his life, in a different role. I'd known him for many years, and he was an incredibly fair and nice boss, maybe too nice. Relations of mine had known and worked with him for over 30 yrs. So for me, I had a particularly close bond to him.

Cutting a long story incredibly short, it was a nightmare, workers would bend over backwards; get burned out, bullied, and 'sent to Coventry' (as the saying goes). She would break workers rights laws, change job descriptions, sack people for unreasonable things. Top this off external HR rep was her best friend, the board of directors and particularly the chairman liked her. So if you had any complaints it went nowhere. She had friends in the right places, and her feet under the table. Whenever we had H&S inspections, or HM inspectorate there to inspect the books she'd be over the top nice, charming to the point it made you sick.

Employer 2 ---

I now work for a global corporation, and by it's very nature it is one of those jobs people only work for the money. Unless you have no qualifications, education or direction in your life.

The problem here is a mix of the above, but with all the Corp BS included. Favouritism, patronisation, psychopathic and jobsworth Managers that take their jobs too seriously, but only to disadvantage you.

E.g. Recently, I worked an incredibly difficult shift. We were short staffed as it was, and the scheduling manager told a colleague (who was supposed to be working with me that evening) not to bother coming in as we did not need her. Without communicating this to anybody else. Meanwhile, she and another manager were off that day attending a celebration.0

This had an knock on effect, and we were then overworked, stressed and did not finish until very late on a night. Thing is, nothing gets said to them because they are managers. If I pulled that off I would be terminated!

All the while, I am basically a dogsbody, do this do that, clean this clean that.

I have a Bachelor's degree, and studying for a Master's degree. I am intelligent, yet I get looked down upon by mangers and colleagues on my level, as someone 'who knows nothing'. I get sick of it.

Meanwhile I am looking for suitable work. But its getting harder as time goes on without the practical exp in my field.

I have to work for these people until that happens.

/ rant over.

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