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Could anyone help me? I am really struggling i need to do five paragraphs for my history assessment, could anyone help me with one of the paragraphs it would mean a lot! The question is: Why did England fall into state of Civil War in 1642? and i have to refer these small cards,and i have already picked out the cards that i want, the first topic is to do with money, this is the short paragraph i need to refer to : in order to raise money for his expensive life style,charles introduce ship money in 1635. usually only people living on the coast had to pay this when there was aware,but charles demanded that everyone in the country should pay it and all of the time." what i need to do is say why i believe that he fell into state of civil war etc. e.g.: the reason to why he fell into state of civil war in 1642 is because of his greediness of money and backup my answer with quotes from the paragraph that i have written above. i jut need help withoone paragraph so please someone

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