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I've had a problematic and difficult beginning to my studies for sure.

I've had funding worries and already latent mental health issues (stemming from the passing of my mother a couple of years ago and family abuse).

The summer saw a rapid decline but I kept it together and dragged myself to uni over the past 4 months.

Christmas was a new low.

I didn't leave the house for 3 weeks (I got home deliveries).

I cannot do this term. I've already done poorly/misunderstood the material due to poor mental health (and it's not like I don't normally do well, I got A*AB at A-level and 6A*s and 4As and GCSE).

I want to suspend but the problem is I've already caused the admin a lot of problems due to changing my course and having this approval by Student Finance being late (although not really my fault).

I'm scared they won't let me suspend.

I have a doctor's note from late November when I was well enough to seek treatment.

She told me that the practice don't allow docs notes anymore, but scribbled me a quick one off the record saying:

"{My name} has been seen in surgery with anxiety and depression which has been worse recently. She also suffers from chest pain which also makes concentration more difficult and will doubtlessly impact her academically".

It was dated November. It is now the end of Jan but uni has only been back in for 2 days and I was literally too mentally ill to go back to the docs over Christmas (I didn't go out AT ALL).

I have a counsellor at the university who is also willing to write a note of supporting evidence (although she is taking her time in doing so).

I don't want to say to the uni: look, I've got anxiety and depression can range from very mild (not yourself and pessimistic) to the very worst (completely numb and unable to focus on anything).

If complete numbness is a 10, I'd say I've been a 9 over the break (the lowest I've ever been) but I can't be that blunt because the admin are not very sensitive/anonymous and what can I do to prove it? I didn't actually do it.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, my question is:

Will that note dated in November be enough?

I'm highly doubtful that my doc will write another due to her saying it was not their policy anymore.

I've considered changing the date to more recently but I've been told university's may have machines that detect digital manipulation.


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