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hello,i find it hard to revise has anyone got tips and where i can get resources
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hello,i find it hard to revise has anyone got tips and where i can get resources

I will try to help as much as I can. For resources I suggest The Student Room itself. It has plenty of resources for most levels of study. There's also a website called GetRevising, which has a lot of resources too. Past papers are also a massive help as exam boards tend to almost copy past questions but just use different context. Text books and revision guides also tend to have questions in that you can use to practice; I suggest only using them if they have the answers so you can check after.

In terms of actually revising everyone is different. You should explore different ways of revising (lists, flashcards, mind maps/spider diagrams etc.) and find which best works for you. I personally like to do a range of things because I get bored easily and sticking to one method makes me lose interest and not want to revise. I'd also say that condensing information is quite important. For some subjects it may be necessary to remember a particular sequence and its much easier to recite a sequence of information if you can do it from only a small amount. To do this I first make a spider diagram from the text book or revision guide, then make flash cards from the spider diagram and then write the information onto a whiteboard until i can recite it exactly without looking at my flashcards.

Hope this helps, if you have any further questions let me know!

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