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I have been going for a lot of job interviews of the last couple of months and have been getting rejections thus far.

However, luck has been on my side very lately as I have had three interviews this year for three different companies. One of them recently turned me down, which affected my confidence but I moved on and the other two invited me to telephone interviews and face to face interviews.
Both companies were very good and extremely understanding of my circumstances as to why I was unemployed for the last six months. Both are offering good roles with a good salary BUT and a BIG BUT, one is a 1 year fixed term contract and the other one is a permanent role.

Company A - Recruiting for a bright graduate for a nice trainee role. As it is a trainee role, they don't expect you to be perfect and at the same time you will be exposed to all the IT technologies, which is good. Surprisingly, the first round telephone interview was extremely short - and I thought I absolutely bombed it. I was dead honest and despite my doubts, they have invited me to the final face-to-face interview - which I know is going to be understandably tough. Their pay is very good considering it is for a trainee position and fixed term

Company B - Recruiting for an associate level person for a mixed role within IT Support and development. I applied for this role by chance, as in just casually applied for it as part of my job search - after all what harm is there applying to roles right. The HR contact of this company contacted me almost immediately after I applied and spoke to me for a while. They seemed very friendly and accommodating and within two days, I was invited to the first round of interviews. Even before my interview which took place a couple of days ago, the HR contact sat down with me and helped me prepare for the interview. I was really surprised that this contact helped me, but in a way it made me feel a lot better. I complimented them for everything and even the interviewers seemed welcoming. They knew I was a fresh graduate with some experience and questioned me greatly with a same technical test, which I somewhat aced. Was able to answer all the questions well and have a feeling that I may have made it to the final stage. If I get it, it will be a permanent position meaning I'm entitled to the benefits etc.

Both are good places and are promoting two different IT roles. I'm sort of tired with contracting as I am very young myself at 25 and would much rather stay in a place for a couple of years and build myself up professionally. That being said, I still don't know what I exactly want to do.

Advice please
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Don't stress about it until you have two offers to choose from. If you overthink and decide one is better and then only get an offer from the other you'll be disappointed but it sounds like right now you'd be happy with either. So leave it there.

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