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Hi! I'll be starting IB next year in UWC. I'm looking for some advice with my subject choice.

I was thinking about taking:
English A Language & Literature SL
Spanish ab initio
Global Politics HL
Economics SL/HL
Chemistry HL
Maths HL/SL

Still can't decide whether to take Maths or Economics on HL. My friend who is a UWC alumni advised me to take subjects that I like and I find interesting, so that's why I decided to take Global Politics and Chemistry on HL.

I would like to get marketing degree. For last couple months I've been thinking about political science, but a lot of people say that it's a useless degree... :/ But anyways... I'm pretty sure that I would like to study in the US, so I'll also be taking SAT or ACT exam.
What do you guys think? Is that a good subject choice? I'm new to IB, so I'll appreciate all the help!
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It sounds like you have a clear idea of where you're going, so maybe you can look at the admissions websites of unis you may be considering and see what they value more highly. Both economics and maths seem very relevant for a marketing degree (more so perhaps than chemistry...). From people I know to have taken both, Maths HL is definitely the more challenging of the two.
Personally I like your friend's suggestion to study what you're interested in (who knows what new career path you may discover for yourself two years from now!) but I also think you're right in thinking of what future opportunities different subject choices would give/deny you.
I'd also like to add that most schools allow you to change from SL to HL and vice versa throughout the programme, so maybe you can start with four HLs and then see which one you'd like to drop later on (if at all, doing all four is also an option). Then you could also see which subject you enjoy more after actually experiencing it (&your teachers).
Good luck with your decision! This seems like a great subject combination, and I hope you enjoy your time at UWC

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