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Hi everyone,
Summer last year I was really suffering with pain in one of my teeth, I went to the dentist with the expectation that I would have it removed. The dentist said he thought the tooth could be saved and advised me to get a root canal and that it was the same price as an extraction anyway. I said okay and ended up spending two hour long sessions there having the treatment which was fine, until I went back for my checkup in November. He then says okay now which crown shall we put on, the cheapest being almost £300 on top of the over £100 I had already spent on check ups and the root canal itself. I'm a bit too socially awkward to cause a scene so I just said I couldn't afford it and left. The more I think about it the more miffed off I get because if I knew the overall cost was probably going to be close to £400 id have just told him to get it out in the first place. I'm now stuck in a position where the tooth is still causing me bother but I don't really want to go back. What can I do?
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If the tooth is still hurting, the root canal wasn't done properly. The two options you now have are to pay for the crown or pay for an extraction which is cheaper and it only comes to double the cost, compared to if you got an extraction in the first place. But obviously restorative procedures like these are ways to quote-unquote save the tooth, even if it is drilled down and a crown put over it. Hence they are always this expensive. After the extraction you will be left with an empty socket for quite a while until it heals over, whereas a crown could help you continue to chew food in that area normally. In the forseeable future you could have more financial worries if the crown needs replacing, but thats about it. The number one thing is to now go back there and ask questions, as many as you can to the dentist so you can work out what is best for you. But until you're sure of what needs to be done and you can handle the pain it is best to wait a few days than do something you cannot undo.

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