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Southerner in Sheffield

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You'll fit in just fine, at least your accent has clarity, and people can talk to you. I'm a northerner and people seem to struggle to understand what I'm saying when I speak, and I often have to repeat myself. It's not like I speak too quietly either.
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Haha I want to pick up a Northern accent - or at least a twinge. It's the home of Yorkshire puds :eek: No way! Yummy. I love thick gravy on them..

I'd be surprised if you do. Someone said the other day to me, "your accent's weird". I've got a normal Doncaster accent (similar to Sheffield as it's only 15-20 miles away but a bit less broad). I have to say I was a bit shocked, but you hardly meet many locals at uni.
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If you are worried about your accent being mocked then I don't think you're ready for Uni. I've never heard such a ludicrous apprehension.

Yes, Sheffield does happen to have a lot of Northern students. Do I care? No? Do they care? No? Might you get ribbed a couple of times if you sound like a real horsey person.....maybe......but I can think of worse things. Take it on the chin, it will be a joke anyway. Joke back.

Can't believe this has even been posted.