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    Hey, (this is quite long but please bear with me)

    I applied for Maths at Cambridge, UCL, Warwick, St. Andrews and Imperial.

    Now I have offers from UCL, Warwick and St. Andrews and was rejected after interview from Cambridge. I take FM, Physics and Chemistry. I have achieved an A* in Maths.

    I am originally from Germany and speak fluent German, but I'm studying A-levels at a British School in the Middle East.

    I've always loved Physics and Maths has always been the means to study more advanced Physics...So in hindsight I am not really sure whether the Maths degree was the right way to go. Furthermore even I am being considered as an International student which means £23k+ fees compared to virtually no fees in Germany/Switzerland. I was originally planning on applying to ETH Zürich, which seemed like a perfect fit for me, but it turns out I needed foreign language as an A-level or otherwise I would need to take a gap year to take a reduced entrance examination and wait until 2019 to apply. So I committed to the UK, being blinded a bit by the promise of Cambridge as well as my good academic track record. Now that the Cambridge didn't work out I'm thinking that the difference in the quality of education I could receive at Warwick/Imperial compared to one at ETH (my first choice in the EU) or a decent German university wouldn't justify the immense money required to pay for my education in the UK.

    Other than just sticking with my offers. It seems that I have 2 options:

    1. Take a gap year. Probably the less viable option. I've heard that this is not very good for people wanting to study subjects like Maths/Physics at uni. My plan would be to take French A-level remove the need for an entrance examination at Zurich. However I wouldn't have a guarantee of being admitted to Zurich, furthermore I really don't want to remain in the Middle East for another year.

    2. Take French A-level in 3 1/2 months. I would probably need to drop another subject i.e. Chemistry as this is definitely my weakeast and least favourite subject. I think I would definitely be able to achieve the minimum of an A (required by ETH), in French, as I am fairly good at the language, took it at GCSE (298/300 A*) and continued to study it for the whole of Y12.

    With regards to 2. I would be changing my application on UCAS and I'm not really sure what the procedure for this. I would imagine that I definitely need to inform my choices about this and I hope that this doesn't result in the withdrawal of my offers...I would also need to have a fight with the examinations officer at my school and persuade them to let me take French...

    I am quite frustrated and confused rn but I really think that I need to consider my options especially because ~£60k is A LOT of money compared to the very small amount I will be spending in Germany/Switzerland.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    (Original post by FXLander)
    Are you sure you need a MFL A level? Won't your English fluency enable you to pass the exam? I've only had a quick look, but it seems the choice is French, English or Italian. Could be wrong though, I'm sure you've been researching more than me.

    Otherwise, a gap year isn't fatal to maths, so long as you keep up the practice, and there seem to be many ways to do that.
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    Yes I need a foreign language as an A-level so that my application will be considered without the entrance examination and therefore I wouldn't need to take a gap year...
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    (Original post by FXLander)
    Yes I need a foreign language as an A-level so that my application will be considered without the entrance examination and therefore I wouldn't need to take a gap year...
    I'd probably go to ETH Zürich. I don't think the international fees are worth it.

    I mean, If Einstein had to take a year out to reapply to ETH Zürich, maybe you can too
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    In terms of dropping Chemistry and taking French, what steps would I need to take for that?
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