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I'm in desperate need of a monologue for my auditions and I've been in the library for hours and scoured the internet but I just can't find "the" monologue for me. I'm applying for musical theatre and I need a contemporary written after 1990 by a British Playwright. I quite like monologues about break ups, unrequited love and that sort of thing, but obviously I'm open to anything. Oh and I'm 18!

Thanks in advance!
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I'd try Ella Hicksons 'Boys' great monologue about grief and relationships from Sophie I believe it is. She's British and it was published 2012! She's also got a play called 'Eight' which are monologues from 8 different characters, all different topics and age ranges so its always a good one to check out.
'Notes to Future Self' by Lucy Caldwell has an all female cast, the main characters sister is around your age range (published 2011)
'Punk Rock' by Simon Stephens (published 2009) is a group of kids in sixth form
Anything Jack Thorne (although sometimes the content can be gory, nsfw etc. so be careful with that) he writes a lot of young adult characters within his plays
Off the top of my head they are ones I've performed, seen performed or read that I've liked, failing finding anything in these plays it would still do well to look at other plays by these playwrights because a lot write teenage characters etc.
Monologue books are always good as well for looking into plays and playwrights (even if some people say to avoid them)
Hope that helped

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