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My boyfriend slut shames women watch

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    (Original post by FriendlyPenguin)
    Obviously you should break up with him. There is no place in a romantic relationship for bigotry.

    The fact that you haven't makes me question your own morals.
    I am not sure if I want to break up with him over this because I feel like if I talk to him about it, the problem would be solved. I am not the kind of person that would go and break up quickly. I value relationships.

    While slut shaming is wrong, I'm sure maybe if I point out to him he can't judge, he'd probably understand.

    I mean, you have to look at the long term.
    I personally couldn't be with someone who slut shames (even after I've talked to them about it) because every time they did so I'd feel so bad and uncomfortable that it would end up affecting my view of/feelings for them and eventually our relationship. so if I couldn't get them to think hard and stop doing it then the relationship just wouldn't work.
    it could be completely different for you though, maybe you are sure you can change his mind, or maybe you will just be okay with him doing something you don't like forever. relationships are about compromise.
    (although I would like to point out that you did basically call your boyfriend moral-less which may be an indicator to how you feel about the whole thing?)
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    (Original post by Wilfred Little)
    Same with virgin men but not virgin women.
    something that also needs to be fixed, do both not neither
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    (Original post by Jooday11)
    Thank you for your reply. Just a quick question? How exactly am I judging him for slut shaming? I, personally, don't think I am judging him for slut shaming. If i were, I would have thought he was a bad person for it and dumped him. Instead, I am just looking for ways for him to stop doing something I don't like.

    My feelings for him still remain the same.
    I mean you clearly feel that slutshaming is bad (you 100% have the right to) and you think that it is negative and not something he should be doing. you having those opinions are fine and so are his opinions on the matter. I would just ask him to stop commenting on other women.

    (Original post by ANM775)
    to be honest, a man with a high laycount is not quite looked upon with quite the prestige it once was. Derogatory terms such as "f**kboy" seems to have replaced "player" these days......

    I can tell that term was created by a female [probably a feminist tbh]
    That's true but it doesn't come with the history of disrespect that calling a woman a slut or a whore does.
    Personally I think everyone should be free to sleep with whoever and however many people they want and so I don't use any of these words.
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    (Original post by Jooday11)
    So i've been with my boyfriend for about 9 months now and i absolutely love him. And I know he loves me a lot too. The only problem I have with him is when he slut shames women which I don't think is right. Girls should be able to sleep around without people judging them. I told my bf that his friends sleep around at that he doesn't judge them the same way as he judges these girls.

    Also, when he slut shames, I find it a bit rich coming from him. Because even-though he's only slept with two people before me, one was when he cheated on his ex and the other was with a prostitute. Neither of these are things i believe someone with morals would do.

    He knows I don't like him slut shaming. But he keeps doing it. What shall I do?
    Bit gross that he slept with a prostitute anyway, but odd that he seems to shame other girls after being okay with that. I would mention it to him again, maybe you didn't make yourself as clear the first time?
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