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My sister is so weird and i hate her watch

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    Right before anyone jumps to any conclusions by what I mean weird let me give you some context. Let's call her B. B is 20 yrs old and is studying at University. She has no mental disabilities, not autism or anything we know of (3/6 of my siblings have Asperger's and she isn't one of them). The things she does drives me insane and I wish she'd leave.
    1. My family struggles a lot financially and my eldest sister supports us a lot. B is suppose to help out but she doesn't. My eldest sister has next to nothing and works 2 jobs whilst she's in her final year of university. Sister B has no job, is in her first year, and instead goes out drinking constantly rather than help out.
    2. Our youngest sister has what seems to be depression and has expressed suicidal thoughts (she's 10/11 btw). I am currently doing my GCSE's and spend a large portion of my time speaking to her so she doesn't get depressed. B, however, usually ignores her existence.
    3. B sits on Facebook and talks to her friends then wonders why she can't understand the work. Like ???? Girl??? Come on???
    4. B runs round the house with her head phones on pretending she's in a fantasy film. And she doesn't just do it in her head! She shouts things out like "I am queen B, and you shall die" or whatever. She knows me and my eldest sister are actually focusing on exams but she doesn't care.
    5. B will sing songs really really loud and won't stop even when we tell her we have exams. It wouldn't be too bad if she was a good singer but she's really bad at singing but thinks she's amazing.
    6. This is the weirdest one. B will make noises as if she's getting rape and beaten up. She goes into the bathroom, somehow thinks no one can hear her, and will start moaning and shouting things like "please! No! Stop" and fake cry. It's so disturbing to listen to and more than once my little sister has said to me "What's B doing? Why is she making those horrible noises?" EVERYONE ELSE IGNORES THIS WEIRD BEHAVIOUR BECAUSE ITS TOOK AWKWARD TO SPEAK ABOUT. I HAVEN'T MENTIONED IT TO MY MUM BEVAUSE HOW DO U SPEAK ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!
    7. B mocks me and says my needs aren't as important as hers. When she did her GCSE'S, everyone had to be silent, she needed her own space, etc. Now I'm doing my GCSES it's " well I have uni exams so I'm more important". The eldest sister doesn't have this attitude and understands how important GCSE's are but B is constantly me me me.
    I use to be very close with B but it's getting to a point we're I hate being in the same room as her. It's not weird quirks, it's down right weird things that can affect people in the house. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it

    Grow up and learn to use paragraphs

    sounds normal to me
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    Sounds like my nan.
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