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I want to be thinner and toned watch

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    People will probably reply and say just be happy with the way you are and things, but being the weight I am is something which truly make me unhappy.

    I want to be much slimmer on my legs and belly than I am but I don't want to starve myself as one of my friends has become anorexic and it really worries me. But I exercise regularly and I still hate the way I look.

    I am a bit stuck of what else I can do.
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    I’m in EXACTLY the same position as you (anorexic friend and all)... while I can’t offer any help as I am similarly stuck, I can offer empathy 😔
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    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change how your body looks.

    Lose weight healthily.

    Eat good sized portions.

    Find enjoyable healthy foods to swap certain foods out with.

    Make a bit of peace with your body now - feel comfortable in how you are, in your essence, find the things you like about your boday and flaunttt them.

    Start working out in small intervals and build it up either @ home or gym.

    Be happy sis.

    Don’t weigh yourself all the time - and if you do, do it in the morning, after you’ve emptied your bladder/bowels.

    It’s better to take measurements.

    Don’t feel bad about your refliection - in the mirror.

    Appearance is temporary.

    I KNOW it’s easier said than done, but don’t continue to make the effort to lose weight if you are not happy already. It is likely to set you back.

    Thats completely fine if you wanna be thinner and toned, i don't study science or anything but for weight loss its a basic equation. As long as you eat less calories than you burn you will lose weight. To find that out type in BMR calculator, to find out how much calories your natural body earns and try to eat less than this. Combined with drinking lots of water and cutting out the junk in your diet, will see a considerable change but be patient!
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