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    (Original post by need_money)
    Yeah....BUT...i've been told that men being kicked in the balls is supposed to be even sorer than child birth. Dunno if thats true though.
    I would guess it's close, but doesn't have such a postive out come.

    The fact is girls don't have to have babies therfore they don't have to have the pain. An man doesn't get to choose whether he can have a baby, he just can't. I mean at least girls get a choice (although i think you would be hard pressed ot find a man who would be willing to give birth.)

    (Original post by priya)
    both have it tough. society has made up these rules and regulations that boys and girls must conform to, neither sex has it easy
    i like that, and i agree with ur viewpoint...well said

    Saying that girls have it tougher soley because they go through periods and give birth IMO is BS. Don't get me wrong, I am sure childbirth is very very painful, but come on that is not a valid excuse because of the following reason:

    1. You don't have to get pregnant

    If it is so painful, just adopt a child, the world is so overcrowded anyway. It was your choice, so don't complain. Unfortunantly women have to carry children and men dont , but thats life.

    As for periods, well I guess that can be painful, but where women make up for this is "socially". From being a 19 year old male that enjoys a social life, men have it harder because:

    1, They have to always make the first move half the time, which is expected by them. Which can be hard , if you like the girl.

    2. They have to act confident around the opposite sex. If you are quiet, you often have no chance with girls.

    3.Men often have the expectations to get a good job, makes loads of cash and provide. You may argue that girls have to do this too, but tha this is not the case when you look at this in many "collectivist" cultures. Also, by having loads of male mates who are in relationships, it is expected for the guy to spend money on a woman.

    4.On top of this, like girls, men have to take pride in their image. They must have style, and be physically fit by working out in the gym.

    So there you have it, the additional stuff women do , liek take pride in the looks men have to do as well, unless of course you are Bill gates and have a big bank balance. Ont op of that we have expectations to be well educated, good job and god knows what else. So therefore lets put this into prospective is it really easy being a guy when you have a load of expectations on your shoulders.

    A question for all you girls here, would you go out with a dustbin raider , who was overweight but had the nicest personality in the world...Answer will probably be no or would you go out with a guy that is good looking, but was just a complete slob whilst all day you worked hard ...again answer will probably be no. However in most cases it is acceptable for the lady to be a housewife whilst the dude goes out there to provide.
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