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My dad invades my privacy - how do I get him to STOP? watch

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    So I'm 16 (17 in 4 months woop woop) and my dad has made it a habit of looking through my phone to look through pretty much everything, from photos to messages to voice recording.

    I've tried to tell him about such a thing as privacy but he consistently says that if I have nothing to hide then I wouldn't require any privacy- obviously I'm not doing irresponsible, I don't and haven't ever drank or smoked or done any drugs and I do school work pretty much all day and every time I'm seen on my phone I get scalded, whether it's 10 minutes or whatever.

    Ugh, I just hate to look over and see my dad and step mum looking over everything I'm doing. My dad doesn't trust me at all, I'm not allowed to have passwords on my phone or anything. And I recently discovered that he had been tracking my phone somehow but I got rid of that.

    I told him one day, when I was particularly pissed off, that I would buy my own phone because then LEGALLY he wouldn't be able to take it from me...

    Yeah that didn't work out very well...

    But yeah, I need a serious argument to make him BACK THE HELL OFF.

    Please help.

    You don't have a strong argument when you live with them.

    Get a job, get your own place and they can't stop you doing your thing.

    In the mean time, put a password on your phone.

    not much you can do really. i guess if he doesnt find any thing on your phone he might start to trust you more. btw arguments arent going to help
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    When you get to 18 then complain, at the moment they are just protecting you like any good parent should. Be glad your parents care enough to check your phone to make sure your not being groomed etc.
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