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Religion confuses me and I’m a muslim. watch


    (Original post by imanwarsamee)
    So hey guys, long story short...
    I am a somali girl who wears the hijab and I have been brought up as a muslim ever since i was young (I am 16) and i had many amazing memories of my family and I singing along to nasheeds in the car or all the eids. However, as ive grown up I realised how confusing Islam is to me. The thing is I am think a theist, i do think that there is something that created us and the closest thing to that is God. However what i don’t understand is this organised religion part. Its not only islam but christianity as-well. If God loves us so much and he is so omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent wouldnt he want us to live the easiest, free and happiest lives we could? Since he is all knowing and all seeing wouldn’t he know and see how much we love him? I’ve got many questions like that, that are unanswered. Another thing that bothers me is the role women, homosexuals and non believers have in islam. Dont give the the ‘thats not islam but an interpretation’ cus ive read the Quran. Women have such *****y roles, okay i understand that the book was based during 7th century arabia, okay. So why do we apply the same rules 14 centuries later? I just dont know and i cant speak to anyone in my community about it cus theyd blame it on the devil and blah blah blah.
    I really hope someone is able to at least answer some of my questions because i really don’t want to leave Islam so i will make sure to do anything and everything not too... Because truthfully its either that or pretend for the rest of my life.
    Firstly if you actually are a muslim then you shouldnt be talking about it like this, if you told your mother or father they wouldnt be happy so dont do it without them knowing, why dont you say exactly what you said in this comment to youre parents and see their response of shock and horror,

    (Original post by EA436)
    Who qualified doctors? Lawyers?

    these people have dedicated their lives to studying the religion
    evidence is usually derived from the quran and sunnah

    Islam doesn't say dont question, it fact it does promote it at tims
    there's a difference between questioning and doubting, again learn the difference
    Qualified doctors and lawyers constantly aim to learn from past mistakes and improve in their field of study so it can be more accurate and help more people. Religious authorities just assume that the holy scriptures are right and proceed to explain why is that. There's the difference. The first are being objective, the other are being subjective.

    It promotes questioning at times? Could you be more precise? When does it allow it? Because every time a thread like this emerges, all I see is Muslims saying that you shouldn't question Islam because it is perfect and that if you're not a Muslim if you don't accept every aspect of it. In fact, that's the first thing you wrote on this thread -

    1. erm not sure if troll cos u really sound like one, no Muslim would say that

      ofc islam is perfect Allah says in the quran this day I have perfected ur religion for u. R u trying to argue with Gods words?
      Islam is perfect Muslims arent, learn the difference


    So when you question something, you're not sure whenever it is true and want to find out why. When you doubt something, you're not sure whenever it is true and probably still want to find out why. How is that relevant again? Oh yh, you can't question a supposedly perfect religion because that would reveal its imperfections.
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