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    I started uni in September last year and haven't really made any friends. I have some people who I can talk to every now and then, but nobody who I'm really close to.

    Everyone else seems to have made their friends already and they all seem kind of unwilling to let me into their groups. I went to some party last week and basically as soon as we got there, the people I went with ditched me and I was left stood there on my own. I tried joining in the conversation with some others but they pretty much just acted as if I wasn't even there. I thought this whole 'exclusive' friendship group thing would end at school but apparently I was wrong.

    I'm not really an outgoing person anyway, the first term wasn't so bad because you could get away with the whole "name, subject, where are you from, how are you finding it?" conversations. I stopped drinking this year as I don't really enjoy it and it's bad for my health, and everyone else seems to always be talking about these funny stories that happened when they were on a night out.

    Everyone here seems to enjoy going out all the time and I just don't. I normally enjoy being on my own but the last few weeks have been quite lonely. I just want to find people I can go out for a meal with, or go to the cinema with every now and then. I'm starting to wonder if these people even exist at uni.

    I'm going to look at joining more societies and hope they are more welcoming, as well as trying to socialise more with my course mates. Is there anything else I should be doing? I'm worried that I just missed the stage where everyone makes friends and now I'm doomed to be like this for the next three years.

    TL;DR - have no real friends at uni, seems like everyone else has found their group of friends and are unwilling to talk to me. Don't drink, which doesn't help. Trying to join more societies and talk more to course mates but what else can I do?

    What uni you go to?
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