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    Hello! I am new to these forums and was hoping I could get some advice from those who are currently studying or applying for a Postgraduate degree in Psychology in the UK. My husband got transferred to London for his job, which is why I’m applying for graduate school in the UK (we’re from America!). I had a couple of questions and would love to hear everyone’s advice and opinions!

    I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and have worked as a Consultant for Ernst & Young for a few years, but am interested in doing a career change into Psychology since that’s were my true passion is (I was stupid when younger and fell for the glamorous/high paying consulting lifestyle and am regretting it now.) So here I am!

    I have applied to the following schools for a Masters in Psychology Conversion:
    1. University of Edinburgh - Pending
    2. University of St. Andrews - Pending
    3. University of Sussex - Pending
    4. University of Glasgow - Pending
    5. University of Surrey - Pending
    6. Middlesex University - Accepted
    7. University of Bristol - Pending

    1. What are the timelines for accepting Postgraduate offers in the UK? Is it different per school? I got an email from the Psychology department at Middlesex saying I was accepted and would receive my offer letter next week, but they wanted me to inform them if I intend on accepting (I haven’t even seen the letter yet!). How would I respond to this email? Is it okay to say I’m still waiting on responses from other schools? Not sure what the protocol is for this. Found it weird they were wanting me to commit without even seeing the letter yet.
    2. I am interested in a career change into Clinical Psychology (kind of toying with the idea of Forensic Psychology as well but that’s probably a whole other conversation). I like helping people and half of my family is in the medical field, so I’m pretty certain I would enjoy this occupation. I know I probably need a PhD for this. Will most PhD programs treat a conversion degree in Psychology the same as a regular degree? Or do people who get Conversion Masters usually apply for another Masters in Psychology before going on to PhD’s? (I only ask because I’ve seen other Master programs say they will accept conversion degrees, which led me to wonder if it would be hard to get into a PhD with only a conversion degree.) We do not have ‘conversion’ degrees in America, so am unsure what they could be compared to.
    3. Finally. Does school reputation matter as far as Conversion courses? Will it hurt me to go to a less well-known school when it comes time to apply for PhD programs? I ask because I'm starting to notice that price tag correlates with school ranking. (Ex: Middlesex is vastly cheaper than the other ones I listed.)

    Thanks for reading! Any advice you could offer me would be appreciated! If you have gone through a similar career change/path, would love to hear your experiences.
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    TSR Community Team
    Hi - sorry you haven't had a response to this yet. I'm just going to bump the thread in the hope that someone sees this and can help
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