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    Okay, so this may seem like a ramble but I just wanted to get all this off my chest and ask for some opinions/advice

    I am going to split different things into separate sections, just to make things clearer.


    I am a 20 year-old male in my first year at university (just for reference).


    I am in my first year at uni and it has been okay. But at times I have got upset as I am new to the experience, being the first in my family to go. At times I have felt as if I have run my course in education, as I have been in it for 16 years now.

    Also, I have achieved decent grades this year but always worry I'll let myself down. I have not missed a single day either, which is something I am pleased with to say the least.

    I constantly panic about failing and at times it makes me nervous.

    I do have a job at my university, which pays great and is really enjoyable as well.


    I have not been in a relationship for nearly a year now. It was back when I was still in Year 13, but it only lasted three weeks. Me and my ex no longer speak.

    Since, I have not even really spoken to a girl with the interest of a relationship. I have tried Tinder and other sites but have not been successful.

    While it's not a huge deal, I just want someone to spend time with and take my mind off things. When I'm by myself, I tend to overthink which is no good.

    I am still a virgin as well, but I guess that's not too important. However, at times I wonder if I'll ever find someone, as no girl has ever seemed interested in me and I am not the best when talking to girls.


    Just to be clear: I do not have mental health issues with all due respect.

    Some days I am alright but others I am in the most foul mood, when I shouldn't be honestly. I need to do something that eases my mind, yoga?

    In general, my mood flickers on some days and it bothers me a bit.

    Overall, I am just finding life to be a bit lonely. Education is my priority and so important. I want my time at uni to end already though, as education has literally been my life.

    I would like to spend time with someone who share feelings with me, as I do like comfort.

    Sorry for the giant ramble! I am looking for general opinions or advice on anything tbh. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

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    You could look to join a society? Making friends will help improve your university experience. You said yoga, why not join your university gym as well? You could bump into people on your course there too.

    Regarding your university, you have a job which is really good so you should be proud of that. Stay motivated in your studies by reminding yourself of your good grades so far. It's your first year and a lot of people will get stressed out. If you continue to put in the effort then you'll do well.

    I would say Tinder is a waste of time unless you are looking for a hookup. If you want a relationship, uni is a great place to meet people. Going back to my suggestion earlier, join a society, put yourself out there by participating in your interests and hobbies. You'll meet new people that way.
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