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    I just want to express how annoyed I am at the world, at life actually and how I hate knowing and seeing people who have so many opportunities in life and some have none, how some people go through life and never have to deal with a mental health problem and always having it easy, me personally I don't have it easy and have severe mental health issues, I do not wish that on anyone at all but I have a sibling who has always had life easy. I have no GCSEs, no qualifications worth anything, in fact I have no life worth living, I want to work with animals but realistically that's unlikely to happen and I'll be stuck on minimum wage in a job I hate as that's how my life goes, I fail everything, I've achieved nothing in my 19 years of living. My sibling however has passed every exam and now is buying their first house and earning good money only after months of graduating, I know famous people who own a zoo and have the privilege of being millionaires and seeing animals on a daily basis, they are amazing people though I just wish I was born into that family and not a poor one with nothing despite us being kind of happy. I mean what can I do? I can't stop thinking I'll never get my dream job and I'm good at nothing, I don't think I'll end my life ever, I can't give up even though I want too I just want my dream job.

    The fact you was able to write this thread indicates you're smarted than the bottom rung of people, why don't you have GCSEs? At 19 you can still go to college for free and get GCSEs in maths and English, so enrol. Colleges typically offer mental health support which should be better than strangers on the internet, armchair psychologists that don't know you personally. Envying rich and successful people isn't going to alleviate your position working hard toward a goal will. Working with animals isn't exactly an unrealistic; it's not like your goal is break world records in the Olympics. 19 is still really young anyway; you aren't even in your 20s yet, effectively your life has just begun.
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