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    I'm attending Glasgow in Fall as a postgrad student. I'm debating whether it's better to live on campus or off? It seems like living off campus would be a lot cheaper, but I'm wary since I've never been to the UK and don't know about potential hidden costs, etc. Additionally, I wouldn't be able to see any potential places prior to arriving in the UK....

    Can anyone give any insight into if off campus housing is much cheaper than on campus? I'm in my mid 20s, have been living on my own for a few years, and never lived on campus in my undergrad, so on campus housing makes me a little nervous too.
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    Hi there,

    Congratulations on attending Glasgow University. I did my undergraduate there a few years ago and had a brilliant time; I'm sure it'll be the same for a Postgraduate course.

    Where the University is situated is around the center of the West End of Glasgow, and it's really a campus university with all the buildings very closed together and then University owned student accommodation housing around 15/20 minutes walk in various directions out from this center point.

    As far as I know, there is University owned accommodation for Postgraduate students which lots of PG students opt for as it's a sure fire chance of meeting people who are going through a similar experience to yourself. Bills are also included so it gives you less to think about when moving to a new country.

    Similarly, I work at Bridge House, which is a student accommodation building not far from the university but not owned by it but a separate company - Fresh Student Living. Postgraduate students often opt for options like this which offer a similar style of accommodation to university-owned. However, the buildings are often much newer. In our case, we opened in September 2016 and we only have 128 beds so we are quite popular with postgraduates and older students who don't want a traditional university accommodation experience because they are keen to focus on their work and building closer friendships. We have flat that 6 people share with en-suites though, so you are sure to meet other people. This might be a good middle ground option for you.

    At Glasgow Uni you can still live off campus fairly cheaply and be very close to the university. Of course your accommodation will look a bit more unique, you may be able to get a cheaper rental than student accommodation but do bear in mind that no bills or anything will be included. So I think it's always best to do your research at to what the final cost would boil down to when you consider gas, electric, internet, etc. which would all be included if you were to go with traditional student accommodation. I guess another thing here would be you are less likely to meet people instantly when you live in a privately rented flat. That said, you mention that you have lived alone for several years so this might not be a worry for you.

    I wouldn't say there's an option you should go far but it's about weighing up the pros and cons and thinking about what would suit you from a personal perspective.

    I hope this helps!

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Updated: February 5, 2018

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