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    So I really need help because I would really like to do like an A- Level or An access course in college and then I want to go to uni and all that good stuff but the only problem is I got an U in maths and I know that’s really bad but I was never good at maths and I could never get it done :/ now the problem is, I don’t know what to do because I want to get a good education and go to Uni!! What can i do? Are there any solutions for me? Is my education over ?
    Please help!!

    No your education isn't over, but work has just begun. You need to find out what the problem is with maths:

    1. Can you understand it in class but not outside - it might mean you need to make better notes in class.
    2. Do not understand it in class - you need to speak to the teacher more and ask questions until you get better understanding in class.
    3. You have problems remembering everything- that's me too - it is finding the right way for you to recall, so try different methods, but don't give up trying.
    4. Do you practice every day - you need to do something every day
    5. You hate the subject- work on it, you need it so just get used to the idea- learn to see maths everywhere.
    6. Try mind maps, cheat sheets, flash cards, memory methods like Roman room, Loci, Journey method, acronyms, songs etc, anything that
    7. Learn the way you are so if you are a visual learning then watch videos etc.
    8. Try different websites to study such as Corbett maths,Hagarty, BBC Bitesize GCSE etc., also different you tube channels like Khan academy, Corbett maths, Hagarty, Primrose kitten etc.

    Just be positive and determined to get a good pass grade, fear and self doubt can be a problem to some so don't even consider failing.


    Just keep revising Maths and you will get there, I'm going to Uni in September and only passed mine in January, and I've been at college for 3 years! I did a lot of past papers and GCSE Bitesize helped me a lot, I was (and still am) terrible at Maths, you will get there but for some people like myself, it takes a lot of time and effort, but it feels so worth it in the end and I got 2 unconditional offers from Uni and that was without my maths
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