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Can't do CW/Study for more than 10 minutes watch

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    As the title says I can't last for more than 10 minutes of studying.

    For example, I would complete a small section of my CW and then I would feel exhausted and then take a break. I mean, gosh it's only been 10 minutes and I can't carry on because I feel like I'm just finished. And then I wouldn't have the drive to carry on again.

    I mean what's wrong with me? I feel exhausted after 10 minutes of studying or doing coursework. When I mean exhausted I mean I just can't get myself to finish it or carry on. Can anyone help me?
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    Community Assistant
    Have you been to your GP? Maybe you have issues with your focus that can be helped with treatment.

    You're hardly alone. This is what sorts out the determined from the 'don't care less'.

    Studying is HARD WORK. You've discovered what is meant by strength of character. Those who have it can MAKE themselves keep on: those who haven't start curling their hair or making a coffee or decide they can't study without the TV on etc. because they feel 'exhausted'.

    This is why exam results count for something in the outside world - particularly for very responsible professions. It's not just that your results show what you know ( which in the event may or not be important later on ) but they show that you will have the strength of character to finish the job, you won't cry off from doing that operation late at night, teaching that difficult class, building that wall to stop a flood, sitting up all night with a dying child, just because you're fed up or feel 'exhausted' or not interested any more or would rather see a film etc.

    So you have to look inside yourself. No one else can help you. Are you going to be the sort of person who is always going to cop of when the going gets tough?

    If so don't be surprised when people start looking elsewhere for a friend. This is what LIFE is all about - taking on responsibility, knuckling down to the really hard things that all of us come across. If you can also do it cheerfully and without moaning you will have made your mark on everyone you come across.
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Updated: February 7, 2018
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