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Struggling to cope watch

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    PLEASE PAY ATTENTION, I need any help ASAP.
    I never seem to fit in. No matter how hard I try, or how much I feel like I’m finally happy, something always happens to ruin it.
    Whenever there’s a small trivial argument, everyone sides with the other person. And I apologise for anything I did wrong, and try to ignore little things like them talking about me behind my back. It’s getting me down now, because it’s like I’m “friends” with everyone but nobody classes me as their bestfriend.
    I’ll tell you what I’m like as a person, so you can help me understand what is happening, and how I can solve it...
    I’m very ambitious, I have plans of being a TV script writer. I think it’s achievable because I’ve been told that I’m talented in it, and acting also. But I know how hard it will be so I’m already working at it now, (I’m 15 btw.)

    I’m quite a funny person, always making people laugh, and included everyone. My mother lets me host parties and have friends over anytime. There are times when I can feel melancholy so I detach myself and play on my guitar or something.
    I’ve always liked having attention from boys, but I’m mature and classy.

    I’m always the one to messsge friends first, or to make the plans. I just really want to know why people don’t like me. Any ideas? Thanks x

    I think you should stop giving them all so much attention. Sometimes giving too much respect to people tends to put their heads in the clouds and forget that you also should be treated well. You just have to let them know that you aren't as reliant on them as they may think

    Navigating friendships/cliques as a teenager can be really difficult because you’re really only just finding out about what kind of person you are yourself, so trying to establish what standards you’re expecting from friendships can be really complicated! My advice would be to just keep being yourself and doing what you enjoy and don’t focus too much on people who don’t understand you. You’re only 15 but as you get older you’ll meet more likeminded people, especially if you go to university or something and you’ll look back at this time in your life and be happy you stayed true to yourself and worked on being the best version of you you could be. I didn’t meet my best friend until I was 17 When I look back on my secondary school/high school days, I realise a lot of my friendships were friendships of circumstance. What I mean by that is, I was ‘friends’ with people in my school or in my class because I had to be, we were around each other every day, but they weren’t genuine friendships and they pretty much disintegrated once we parted ways for college/sixth form. Keep being you. You are enough. If they don’t appreciate that, then they don’t deserve you!
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    Is there anyway to reverse the Snapchat update?
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