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DOFE on your period? HELP. watch

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    so my period is due on my practise walk which is overnight (bronze) i cant really ask my leader as he is also my science teacher and thicc af so i cant really ask him lol. like is it acceptable to bury pads/tampons in carrier bags in the woods. i really dont wanna lug them about tbh.
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    Had the same experience, yes you could but to be better for the environment maybe find a bin or even wait until you are at the campsite and put it in the bin there. The practise walk is absolutely excruciating for your body- you will ache so much everywhere, but I promise you as youre used to it then the real expedition is hard, but a lot easier. I miss d of e so much I enjoyed spending time with my friends and the idea of being free without adults is nice. Good luck
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    I had this issue when I partook in my Bronze award. I would firstly recommend asking the teacher if there are going to be any toilets (some of the places that I stayed had toilets and some didn't, plus it's not an unreasonable question to ask so your teacher won't get suspicious).

    If there is not a toilet available, wait until you are at a place where there will be bins available or close by as dogs could dig up anything buried.

    It is really tough physically but so much fun so I hope you enjoy it and don't get too nervous.
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    How long until your practice walk? Because I managed to get some medication (pretty sure it was just birth control) from my doctor just to prolong my period from happening for a couple of days.
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    I supervise DoE at my school so we have to handle period issues often! I'm the female teacher they take with them so that the girls don't have to talk to the male teachers.

    Dumping your things along the walk is generally a bad idea - it could be really bad for wildlife. You'll find that you're probably actually not that remote for bronze and you'll have an opportunity to look at your route and plan toilet trips. There's the option of a cup that you can throw the contents out, kick some dirt over it, rinse with some water and off you go again. At least then you're not leaving behind plastic that could potentially harm wildlife - part of your agreement is that you'll leave nothing behind. Cups also tend to need dealing with less frequently - we had a couple of girls learn to use them so that they wouldn't have period issues during DofE. If you really don't want to handle your period during the weekend, you should be able to postpone it if you ask your GP using the pill or a one-off pill.

    Any school that has girls on the walk is going to take this into consideration when looking at routes. Try not to worry about it too much - we don't want girls getting themselves into a state. Make sure you take extra care of yourself as you'll not be at full strength and it does affect your walking ability.
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    Get your GP to prescribe you norethisterone to delay your period, it worked absolutely fine for me. You have to start taking it three days before your period is due.
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