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Stopthitting by boyfriend watch

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    My boyfriend has forgiven me when I’ve hit him. He once kicked me because I hit him this was the last time. The 3 times I’ve hit him he didn’t do Anything.

    I want to stop how do I stop because I know now he isn’t going to take it.

    When we are great we are great !!

    Please I just want advice on it nothing else.

    Why do you hit him? I don't mean what did he do wrong but what is going on with you... are you unable to control your anger? is it when you've had a bad day at work? You need to try and fix that problem

    I would also say after hitting him multiple times you are an abuser and you should leave this guy so he can find someone better and you can take some time to work on yourself and get a control on your temper so this doesn't happen again

    Maybe you should take a step back and chill. Hitting your boyfriend is a no-go unless it's in self defence or if he's doing something to you. If you're purely hitting him unprovoked or because you feel like it, that's borderline abuse and that's a problem you need to sort out. He obviously either doesn't want to get in trouble or loves you dearly because no one should have to receive physical abuse from their partner and deal with it. He might snap, but you have to look in to yourself and see if you're the problem (which you seem like you admit, but rather sort it out yourself, you'd have someone else sort it out). If you're really that desperate, see a therapist or ask a close friend.

    get anger management. the problem clearly lies with you as you seem to deal with everything with violence

    Let him go. This is abuse. The other way around would cause a feminist uprising and 60,000 years in prison for the bloke (yes I’m exaggerating)

    You should have stopped and wanted to stop the first time you hit him. If you are serious, you need to seek help for your anger issues and violence. Whatever is causing it needs to be treated, and the way you deal with it needs to be healthier.

    You need to put your boyfriend first. Take some space away from him until you have dealt with your issues.

    You need to break it off and start seeking help for your anger problems

    The next time you get so angry that you feel like hitting someone, replay in your mind what's making you so angry. Then as you replay it, add a totally ridiculous element.

    For example, let's say you're angry at him because for Valentines he's just given you a tired bouquet of flowers from your local petrol station. Imagine him buying the flowers and the guy serving him is a circus clown who squirts some water from his plastic flower on his jacket lapel into the eye of your boyfriend.

    Having taken that imaginative time-out, then get back to whatever's making you so angry and decide if it's really worth bothering about in the grand scheme of things.
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